Tailored to meet the requirements of discerning audiophiles.

We are thrilled to introduce our latest high-end loudspeaker monitor - DECA. This model is specifically tailored to fulfill the unique high-end requirements of audiophiles who demand exceptional sound quality.

DECA is a 3-way design that allows for an extended frequency response down to 33.5 Hz -3dB, providing a deep bass response. Our approach includes a band-pass subwoofer inside the cabinet, three specialized drive units, and advanced horn technology, ensuring that DECA delivers an unparalleled listening experience. We are proud to say that DECA is entirely designed and manufactured by Lange Loudspeakers SA in Switzerland, including the drive units. The entire system has been realized using 15 mm aluminum plates while the front side that includes the horn consists of a 60 mm aluminum plate, CNC machined.

DECA is designed to work with our dedicated 3960 DSP system in a setup where one amplifier handles high frequencies, another manages mid frequencies, and the third takes care of low frequencies. Compared to regular passive systems, this setup offers several benefits. It reduces the spectral interaction interference between the drivers, lets customers adjust the low-frequency output, and allows for choosing different amplifier types for each frequency range. This customization tailors the system to meet customer needs rather than imposing a standard design.

Suggested end user price; 4'960.- CHF per unit

Technical features

Fully active concept, designed for tri-amplification 

Tree-Way 33,5 Hz to 28 kHz frequency range

Anti-Resonance Full Aluminum CNC-Machined frontal area

Aluminum Diaphragm, optimized geometry that achieves metamaterial performance

Custom designed high frequency driver

Band-Pass Low Frequency enclosure with long excursion 8” driver

Coherent Coverage on Stated Frequency Response

Suitable applications

High-End Home Entertainment

Studio Monitoring 

Home Cinema – THX/Dolby Atmos


3-Way. including a Band-Pass Box System

Net weight & Dimensions - 23,5 kg – 380* mm depth, 250 mm width, 400 mm height

Finishes - Finely sand-blasted front area, wood laminated cabinet

Drive units

1x Lange 1705-XA LMF Driver

1 x Lange 1425-8A HF Driver

1 x High Power 8” subwoofer

Frequency range - 33,5Hz to 28kHz (+/-1,5 dB from reference axis)

Sensitivity - 89 dB (on axis at 2.83Vrms at 1m)

*Add 25 mm for connectors

Designed and manufactured by Lange Loudspeakers SA

This exceptional compression driver offers an extended frequency response ranging from 1200 Hz up to 28 kHz. Featuring an ultra-light magnesium dome, it is equipped with a 3-channel circumferential phase plug specifically designed for our systems. With a magnetic induction of 15000 gauss and a 0.5 mm Xmax, it delivers high efficiency, low distortion, and an extended frequency range. The relatively large horn of the DECA enhances broad coverage, even at frequencies beyond the human hearing threshold.

Designed and manufactured in house! 

The driver design incorporates a comprehensive array of refinements aimed at simplifying manufacturing and ensuring reliable operation within our loudspeaker systems. Our approach meticulously addresses manufacturing tolerances to enhance performance. Beginning with the magnet, we have adopted a slug type design for multiple reasons: it offers optimal efficiency, minimizes reflections towards the diaphragm due to its compactness, and facilitates superior cooling of the coil. Additionally, the coil support features strategically placed ventilation holes to minimize mechanical resistance (Rms) and promote highly efficient operation. The diaphragm has been designed to maximize frequency response by employing a transitional geometry rather than a dome or cone shape. Constructed from anodized aluminum and coupled with nitrile suspensions, it minimizes tolerances (reducing Mms tolerance) effectively. The absence of a dust cap further contributes to keeping tolerances to a minimum. The frame is CNC-manufactured, facilitating precise centering of all components during production. Its geometry effectively dissipates heat from the coil and promotes the smooth flow of acoustic energy, thereby minimizing reflections..