32 years of experience

As a privately-owned and fully independent company, Lange Loudspeakers SA started its activities back in 1992. The company’s roots are founded in the design and manufacturing of high-power horn loaded loudspeakers as well as line arrays.

During the last decade, aside from manufacturing loudspeakers components on OEM basis we also designed loudspeakers and components that could compete under any aspect with other well-known high-end Loudspeaker brands in the market. Today, Lange Loudspeakers SA is introducing a growing family of high-end loudspeakers utilizing aluminum as material for the enclosures and custom-engineered loudspeaker components.

As Lange Loudspeakers SA progresses into the future, it will continue to keep an eye in the past. As the industrial design of our products continues to advance to keep up with the times, our technological approach remains focalized on solid and well-proven theories established when audio was young.

1986   Two new and original Altec A7-8G Loudspeakers bought. The heritage and fame behind Altec Lansing and JBL did influence many adventures in the field of acoustics all around the world. For us, it has been the start of a long and beautiful adventure. 

1991   A Neutrik 3300 Analyzer has been acquired. This Swiss manufactured measurement system could measure the most important characteristics of a loudspeaker such as frequency response, impedance and phase. It turned out to be extremely robust and capable of functioning for more than 30 years. We kept in touch with Neutrik, and later on, NTi until the present day.

1991   Stone speaker manufactured with Dynaudio Components (D28AF & 17W75) and Glass speakers manufactured with Altec 3124 woofers and Dynaudio Esotar T330D Tweeter are our first products ever. 

1992   Delta Loudspeakers is founded and registered at the Swiss Chamber of Commerce. A low frequency horn of small dimensions has been designed and named 9318. The loudspeaker encloses an 18” LF Driver (EVX-180B). This loudspeaker will be the base for the future activity and will be sold in growing numbers for 20 years until 2012. For the same speaker design, a Design-Model class H04R is deposited at the Office for Intellectual Property in Bern.

1993   About 60 x 9318 LF Horns are manufactured and sold locally. It is a growing business.

1995   A larger LF Horn is introduced with the same technology of previously introduced 9318. It is named Delta Loudspeakers 9521

1996   David Bowie performs in Bellinzona with 40 x 9318 Delta Loudspeakers Subwoofers. Some rental companies switch to Delta Loudspeakers or invest in Delta Loudspeakers systems because with less loudspeaker cabinets a larger area can be served.

1997   The largest horn loaded subwoofer is designed around a 24” LF Driver (6" coil) with a nominal power of 2 kW (Delta 9724). Meanwhile, different dance halls are supplied either directly or indirectly with Lange Loudspeakers Products.

1998   Lange Loudspeakers invests in a new MLSSA-10W (Maximum Length Sequence System Analyzer) PC Based test system. The dodecahedron that appears in the image was introduced in 1997 as Delta Loudspeakers D12A, a passive system weighting just 9,8 Kg and having a diameter of 380 mm.

1998   After several attempts, a stamped designed through mid-high frequency horn is designed with the help of The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) - CAD/CAM Section. Two version are designed: a single 10”/1” horn (Delta 9910S) and a double 10”/1” horn (Delta 9910). Also in the same year, a new full-range loudspeaker is designed and manufactured locally - the Delta Loudspeakers 9912. A venue invests locally in a large system composed of 8 x Delta 9910 and 16 x Delta 9318; It is the most powerful system ever installed in our area.

2000   The 9912M released, a floor monitor version of the previously released 9912 full-range speakers. Smallest speakers of the line: Delta 2004A and Delta 2004B introduced.

2003   Lange decides to present full line of products in Frankfurt (Prolight & Sound 2003) and signs distribution agreements for Indonesia, South Korea, Holland, Germany, Italy, Russia, Chile, USA, and other countries. The first show has been very successful.

2003 - 2005   Delta Loudspeakers SA becomes a shareholder company and counts 26 direct full-time employees; selling rates grow up to 400 loudspeakers per month. The international distribution network expands; the company relies on outsourcing for all parts; in-house assembly and testing are performed in Lugano. The company finally is recognized at an international level. During this time frame, Lange Hans is technical director, sales network supervisor, production supervisor. Several exhibitions are held in Asia, US, EU and Middle-East.

2005   Last year active with Delta Loudspeakers. The adventure stopped in June 2005.

2006   Lange Loudspeakers Ltd. officially starts in June 2005. A new line of products is designed and manufactured in just 6 months. A collaboration with Faital S.p.A is started and a full line of professional LF & HF drivers are designed by Faital S.p.A. Lange Loudspeakers relies on Faital components for practically all loudspeaker systems.

The product range presented in Anaheim at the NAMM Show in January 2006, ranging from double 18", 21" and 24" subs, the G50 System consisting of 12 x 5,5" loudspeakers and 6 x 1" HF drivers, a full-range loudspeaker with 12" or 15" driver and so forth.

NAMM Show Anaheim - USA - 2006

2006   Lange Loudspeakers products are sold in Russia, Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Turkey, and other countries.

2007   Lange Loudspeakers presents his products at Musik Messe in Frankfurt in conjunction with Faital S.p.a. Lange Hans invests in a second, larger CNC machine for manufacturing parts for Faital S.p.A (prototypes) and other CAD-designed parts that complete Lange Loudspeakers Line Arrays.

Swiss Engineering - Italian Heart

2008   First active, self-powered, remotely controlled and DSP managed Omnidirectional Sound Source (D12A Dodecahedron) available to the acoustic Engineer. In the following years it has been sold to major universities and architect bureaus worldwide; customers include Hitachi Automotive – USA, EMPA Switzerland, Universitè Lausanne, ETH Zürich, Textron Aviation – USA, University of Huddersfield – UK, SONE Consultants UAE, Universidad de San Buenaventura – Bogotà, Colombia, Technische Universität – Berlin, Na One Solutions – Malaysia, Marshall Day – New Zealand, Technical University of Cluj Napoca – Romania, Subsonic Acoustics, Porth Elizabeth – South Africa, Unipro Manufacturing Bangkok – Thailand and many more.

2010   Lange Loudspeakers starts concentrating efforts  in Loudspeaker Components Manufacturing  specifically designed for measurement purposes. Meanwhile, the D12A dodecahedron is sold worldwide.

2010   Mid-sized line array system is sold to Arena Mendrisio. The system consists of 32 Line Array Modules and 10 x B218 double 18” Subwoofers.

Within the Arena - Lange Loudspeakers & FaitalPRO

2012   Large Line Array System sold in Russia. It consists of 24 x L212 Line Array Modules and 16 x B218 Subwoofers. Lange Loudspeaker products are used each year for Russia Military Sports Commemoration at Red Square.

2013   Mid-sized line array System sold in Switzerland consisting of 20 x L208 Modules, 20 x B218 Low Frequency Loudspeakers.

2014   The 1475-8A high frequency driver is designed from scratch. It is a 76 mm aluminum dome with a large Neodymium magnet coupled with a 25 mm horn throat and it's the first ever 76mm dome driver coupled to a 1" driver exit! This driver has exceptional high frequency extension and linearity. Also, a micro-high frequency driver is designed around a 25 mm coil and the industry smallest phase plug ever developed. This ultra - compact driver is named 1425-8A and has an unusually extended frequency response ranging from 1000 Hz up to 40 kHz.

2014   First rubber suspension built for our 1705-8A LMF Loudspeaker Driver.

2015   Hans Lange invests in test equipment such as Gauss-Meters to check magnetic field intensity as well as FEM software to predict acoustic as well as electro-magnetic performance of permanent magnets, coils and other fundamental loudspeaker parts. Magnetic Structures are simulated through Finite Element Analysis.

2016   It is decided to design a specific loudspeaker component for measurement purposes, an OEM loudspeaker production is planned. 

2017   OEM prototypes are tested with positive results. Magnetic structures, aluminum frames and moving parts for an ultra-low weight component are designed. This same year the Lange Loudspeakers 1705-4A Loudspeakers is designed and tested with discrete results.

2018   Each speaker manufactured by Lange Loudspeakers is tested, data stored on a server and serial number assigned if test is passed successfully. The NTi Flexus is implemented by NTi in our facilities.

2019 - 2021   More than 6000 Loudspeakers on OEM basis are manufactured. Meanwhile, new components for home entertainment are designed and tested.

2019   After multiple revisions, the 1425-8A driver has been finally completed.

2019   1705-8A LMF Driver will equip our FEMTO Loudspeaker.

2020   Lange Loudspeakers SA is incorporated as a shareholder company.

2020   Lange Loudspeakers designs a high frequency hemispheric sound source that should complement dodecahedrons in acoustic measurements. The source is equipped with 12 x custom 1425-8A drivers.

2021   Lange Loudspeakers' YOCTO, a high end loudspeaker is introduced.

2021   Lange Loudspeakers TERA, a high end loudspeaker is introduced.

2021   Lange Loudspeakers' FEMTO, a high end loudspeaker is announced.

2022   Our first High End trade show held in Germany - Die Norddeutschen HiFi–Tage 2022. YOCTO Loudspeakers can be defined a non critical load for any type of amplifier class, including tube amplifiers. At this exhibition the Benchmark AHB2 amplifier has been used. Benchmark partnered with THX to create an amplifier that could deliver true high-resolution performance, the result has been true high end performance. We thank Mr. Michael Axmann of Axmann Audio (our distributor for Germany) for making this first exhibition a success.

10.10.2022   After the introduction of our hemispheric sound sources back in 2020 we decided to investigate a new concept in loudspeaker design, a Point-Array. It differs from Line-Array concepts in terms of efficiency and coverage, the vertical and horizontal directivity is imposed by the horn. It seems to be the most compact way to generate and control acoustic energy. Point Arrays will be further explored and we do not exclude to enter the professional market again!