3690 DSP

Extracting the best from a loudspeaker without any AD/DA footprint!

The integrated Danville Greywolf platform in the 3960 DSP aspires to unprecedented performance standards, featuring cutting-edge COTS crossovers. Utilizing the powerful SHARC ADSP-21565 DSP, it sets a new benchmark in embedded crossover design. Additionally, a range of DAC modules operating at 192kHz with an S/N ratio exceeding 123dB are at your disposal. The data converters utilized are SOA AKM Velvet Sound™ AK5572 and AK4493 devices. Widely acclaimed as industry-leading, the Velvet Sound data converters are esteemed by numerous audio experts.

High End loudspeaker performance redefined...

The benefits of active DSP crossovers have long been evident, explaining the prevalent use of powered monitors in today's professional audio loudspeakers. This trend is extending into consumer audio markets, reflecting a growing demand for powered monitors.

The primary advantage of an active loudspeaker system, managed by a DSP, over a passive network lies in its unparalleled precision and adaptability in sound optimization. With dedicated amplifier channels for each driver and real-time adjustments facilitated by DSP technology, this setup offers superior sound quality and customizable performance for various environments. Moreover, DSP enables the drastic reduction of overlapping spectral areas between drivers and ensures acoustical phase remains flat, thereby significantly enhancing stereo imaging and field depth.

The capabilities of this platform range from the utilization of 10th order filters to the implementation of all-pass filters to manipulate the loudspeaker phase behavior. Such features are beyond technical or economic feasibility with passive filters.

We offer a DSP platform that empowers users to select the ideal amplifier for each connected loudspeaker. With options ranging from valves to class AB, class A or D amplifiers, customers can tailor their setup to their preferences. Additionally, to provide a comprehensive and visually appealing solution, we introduce the 4150 Amplifier. This amplifier closely mirrors the performance of class AB amplifiers and boasts four independent channels each delivering 150W on 8 ohm (4 x 250W on 4 Ohm).

Suggested end user price; 2'425.- CHF per unit

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