02.05.2023 mRTA Beta Version launched

Introducing the mRTA Audio Analyzer - an exceptional instrument delivering precise and dependable real-time audio measurements across multiple channels. With quadratic spectral interpolation, mRTA provides accurate calibration of every channel, including microphones and accelerometers. Professionals seeking accuracy in their audio analysis will find the mRTA Audio Analyzer to be a reliable choice.

We support Arcaweb by thoroughly testing the software with our high-quality sensors, sound sources, and calibration equipment, utilizing our extensive experience in testing routines.

Please note that the mRTA Audio Analyzer is currently in its beta phase. We encourage feedback from our valued users to further refine mRTA. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your input is crucial to our mission of delivering a top-tier audio analysis tool.

mRTA has been developed by Arcaweb® in collaboration with Lange Loudspeakers® SA - © 2023 - All rights reserved.

Tailored to meet the requirements of discerning audiophiles!

24.04.2023 - High End loudspeaker DECA introduced

Introducing our latest high-end loudspeaker monitor, the DECA - designed with the ease of use and sound quality in mind, tailored to meet the requirements of discerning audiophiles. DECA's small size belies its exceptional sound quality, with a 3-way design providing an extended frequency response down to 33.5 Hz -3dB and deeper bass response than our previous model, FEMTO.

Our approach to DECA's design includes a band-pass subwoofer inside the cabinet, three specialized drive units, and advanced horn technology, ensuring that it delivers an unparalleled listening experience. Despite its high-end design, DECA is incredibly easy to use - it is available only as a passive system, which minimizes system complexity while still achieving exceptional sound quality.

We are proud to say that DECA is entirely designed and manufactured by Lange Loudspeakers SA in Switzerland, including the drive units. The front area, which includes the horn, is milled from a block of aluminum, providing exceptional durability and minimizing cabinet resonance.

With our commitment to precision and attention to detail, we are confident that DECA will exceed the expectations of even the most discerning audiophile. So, if you're looking for a high-end loudspeaker monitor that is easy to use and delivers exceptional sound quality, look no further than the DECA from Lange Loudspeakers SA.

17.04.2023 - High End loudspeaker drivers designed and manufactured in Switzerland

Lange Loudspeakers SA is active since 1992 in professional loudspeaker design. We introduced back in 2014 also drivers to differentiate our systems from other brands and also in order to give our system that acoustic finishing touch that defines our approach to the listening experience. Right now there are three different components available; a 6,5" driver, a 5,5" driver and a VHF Driver/wave guide combination. Contact us for any additional information, TS parameters and pricing.

01.02.2023 Mark Lim Joins the Team as APAC Sales Network Manager: Expanding Reach, Boosting Success

Mr. Mark Lim’s activities will increase our market presence in the APAC areas opening new opportunities for growth. His local expertise and knowledge of the market will provide valuable insights and help navigate the complexities of doing business in the region.

18.02.2023 TO 19.02.2023 - Exhibiting our products in Hamburg  Axmann Audio, our distributor for Germany will exhibit our products YOCTO and TERA. The system will be run with the Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier, the quietest and cleanest audio amplifier on the planet; no other audio power amplifier offers lower noise or lower distortion than the Benchmark AHB2. 

20 October 2022 - Point Array introduced After the introduction of our hemispheric sound sources we decided to investigate a new concept in loudspeaker design, a Point-Array. It differs from Line-Array concepts in terms of efficiency and coverage, the vertical and horizontal directivity is imposed by the horn. It seems to be the most compact way to generate and control acoustic energy. Point Arrays will be further explored and we do not exclude to enter the professional market again!

22 September 2022 - Our Hemispherical sound sources outperform dodecahedrons, monopoles and dipoles. Our activity in R&D never stops and we are excited to announce the first hemispherical sound sources available on the market. The only working alternative that allows precise measurements in the HF domain up and well beyond 20 kHz!

20/21 August 2022 - Our first High End trade show held in Germany - Die Norddeutschen HiFi–Tage 2022. YOCTO Loudspeakers can be defined a non critical load for any type of amplifier class, including tube amplifiers. At this exhibition the Benchmark AHB2 amplifier has been used. Benchmark partnered with THX to create an amplifier that could deliver true high-resolution performance, the result has been true high end performance. We thank Mr. Michael Axmann of Axmann Audio (our distributor for Germany) for making this first exhibition a success.

15.02.2022 - Lange Loudspeakers bei Axmann Audio


15.02.2022 - Frank Borowski berichtet