Introducing ATTO: A Versatile High-End Loudspeaker for Audiophiles

ATTO is a high-end loudspeaker that offers maximum versatility. It is available as a biamp system, allowing specific amplifier classes to be matched to the HF and LMF transducers. When used with our 3960 DSP system, it can be paired with our 4150 Amplifier or your preferred amplifier.

Constructed from premium 15 mm aluminum plates, the ATTO boasts a sturdy and resilient build, ensuring minimal resonance and vibrations. This meticulous craftsmanship ensures the cabinet remains virtually free from unwanted distortions, allowing you to enjoy pure, unadulterated sound. The ATTO incorporates the same exceptional components as our DECA and FEMTO models, preserving the essence of our audio expertise. From the customized High-Frequency Driver to the precision-engineered waveguide, every aspect of the ATTO reflects our dedication to sonic perfection.

Proudly designed and manufactured by Lange Loudspeakers SA in Switzerland, the ATTO showcases the pinnacle of Swiss engineering excellence. Every detail, from the drive units to the cabinet, reflects our passion for crafting audio equipment that stands the test of time.

Suggested end user price; 2'650.- CHF per unit

Technical features

Designed to be used in biamp mode

Two-Way 60 Hz to 28 kHz frequency range

Anti-Resonance Full Aluminum CNC-Machined Enclosure

Aluminum low-mid Diaphragm, transitional geometry that achieves metamaterial performance

Custom designed high frequency driver

Coherent Coverage on Stated Frequency Response

Exceptionally broad high frequency projection

Suitable applications

High-End Home Entertainment

Studio Monitoring 

Home Cinema – THX/Dolby Atmos

Technical Description

Configuration 2-Way reflex ported System

Net weight 11,6 kg 

Dimensions 250 mm depth, 165 mm width, 250 mm height

Finishes Finely sand-blasted, black anodized

Drive units 1x Lange 1705-XA LMF Driver / 1 x Lange 1425-8XA HF Driver

Frequency response 54 Hz to 28kHz (+/-2,5 dB from reference axis)

Sensitivity 87 dB (on axis at 2.00Vrms at 1m)

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Imagined, designed and manufactured in house!

Compression drivers with their inherent efficiency are difficult to design and implement into a system. We decided to design a high frequency driver based on a high end magnesium dome usually found in directly radiating dome tweeters. With a powerful 15'000 Gauss magnet and high Xmax capabilities the moving assembly can reach 1200 Hz with ease while extending its frequency response up to 28'000 Hz  thanks to a 3 channel circumferential Phase Plug.

Probably the broadest VHF coverage in the industry

Coupled to our wave guide our HF driver achieves an excellent directivity up to 28'000 Hz, well beyond the human hearing threshold. With a mean directivity of 110° (-6dB) up to 20 kHz and beyond, the ATTO is likely one of the few loudspeakers to achieve this level of performance.

Designed and manufactured in house!

The driver design incorporates a comprehensive array of refinements aimed at simplifying manufacturing and ensuring reliable operation within our loudspeaker systems. Our approach meticulously addresses manufacturing tolerances to enhance performance. Beginning with the magnet, we have adopted a slug type design for multiple reasons: it offers optimal efficiency, minimizes reflections towards the diaphragm due to its compactness, and facilitates superior cooling of the coil. Additionally, the coil support features strategically placed ventilation holes to minimize mechanical resistance (Rms) and promote highly efficient operation. The diaphragm has been designed to maximize frequency response by employing a transitional geometry rather than a dome or cone shape. Constructed from anodized aluminum and coupled with nitrile suspensions, it minimizes tolerances (reducing Mms tolerance) effectively. The absence of a dust cap further contributes to keeping tolerances to a minimum. The frame is CNC-manufactured, facilitating precise centering of all components during production. Its geometry effectively dissipates heat from the coil and promotes the smooth flow of acoustic energy, thereby minimizing reflections..

All key elements have been designed internally

Our low-mid frequency driver features a modern voice coil with a two-layer copper-clad aluminum wire, an upgraded and highly efficient slug type magnet with N52 grade neodymium, a one-piece oxidized aluminum diaphragm with transitional geometry, and a nitrile suspension. These enhancements are aimed at boosting overall performance and significantly reducing variations in loudspeaker driver performance.