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Introducing DECA: Tailored for Discerning Audiophiles

Welcome to DECA - where sound meets perfection. Crafted for audiophiles with discerning tastes, DECA redefines high-end loudspeaker monitors. DECA delivers a deep, resonating bass with its 3-way design, extending the frequency response down to 33.5 Hz -3dB. Marrying advanced technology with artisanal craftsmanship, DECA features a band-pass subwoofer, three specialized drive units, and advanced horn technology for unparalleled precision. Proudly crafted in Switzerland by Lange Loudspeakers SA, DECA boasts components meticulously designed and manufactured, ensuring top-notch quality. But DECA isn't just about craftsmanship; it's about customization. Paired with our 3960 DSP system, DECA offers flexibility like never before, letting you fine-tune your audio experience to perfection.

Welcome to DECA - where every note resonates with excellence.